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How do you start your company?

Injaz El Djazair Programme

Helping to inspire and train young Algerians on initiative and corporate values, preparing them for a successful career and development their accountability by providing them with additional educational programmes in the fields of entrepreneurship, in partnership with the educational sector and the private sector.


Ibtikari Programme

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  The mission of ANEM (National Job Office) is to organize and research the national job market’s position and evolution and to provide an effective, personalized recruitment service to any job seekers and companies. 



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The National Agency of Investment Development has been given the mission of facilitating, promoting and supporting investments.


Investment advantages


CGCI Investment Credit Guarantee Fund

It is the mission of the CGCI, a banking risk sharing agency, to cover the risk of non-repayment of investment loans granted to SMEs.

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ANGEM National Agency for Management of Microcredit

Microcredits are loans granted to categories of citizens no or low, unstable and irregular income. Their purpose is the economic and social integration of targeted citizens through the creation of businesses that produce goods and services.


ANSEJ National Agency for Supporting Youth Employment

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All of Algeria’s sectors are in need of promotion, however there is a whole development programme for each sector, managed by the different ministries, including the following:


Ministry of Land Planning and the Environment



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1. Investing in Algeria

Promotion of investment opportunities in Algeria in the context of the activities of Algerian diplomatic and consular missions abroad


2. Starting a business in Algeria

How and where to begin?


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  1. Catalogue of economic professional associations, employers’ associations and trade unions



  1. Network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Company searches by business sector and by region



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1. Guide to starting a company

You decide to create a company because you have training, experience or expertise, or simply because of a combination of circumstances. So you start by looking for an idea. Once you have found your idea, you need to make sure your project is a match for your profile, your limitations and your motivations.


2. Market studies

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1. Entrepreneurial Centre - ANSEJ

The primary function of an entrepreneurial centre is to raise awareness about entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to stoke students’ entrepreneurial intentions through programmes to raise awareness about and disseminate the entrepreneurial culture.

The second function is pre-support for students and researchers with ideas for projects.

This function helps to prepare students to take the plunge and create their own microbusinesses through the ANSEJ system.

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SEMSEM, EUROMED+ and HOMERE projects' partners

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