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How to go about your search for an internship ?

To track down a good work placement, rigour, enthusiasm and perseverance should be your motto. Remember that a work placement can be a pre-hire opportunity, so research is crucial.


Some search advice:

  • Start looking for a placement early on (3 to 6 months in advance)
  • Plan ahead for the period when there tends to be a spike in students looking for a work placement (avoid looking during the summertime or when end-of-studies placements are beginning)
  • Target your companies by speciality, size, ability to host trainees, etc.
  • Ask for help in choosing companies and writing your CV and cover letter
  • Build up an address book of corporate contacts by visiting trade fairs, forums, etc.
  • Be convincing at your interviews
  • Prepare your CV and cover letter with care, adapting them to the specific features of each company
  • Be persevering in your perseverance


Process for beginning your placement search:

  • Canvas potential companies (that match your speciality, your skill sets, etc.)
  • Write a CV and cover letter
  • Post a spontaneous application or respond to work placement listings
  • Follow up and track your applications
  • Keep expanding your search area to adjacent specialities until you receive a response


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