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Algéria : How to go about your search for an internship ?

1. Spontaneous applications

  • For a spontaneous application submitted before your search to obtain as much information as possible on your targeted companies
  • List the companies that interest you
  • Identify the person, find a contact name
  • Specify what you are looking for
  • Comb through the alumni directory
  • Contact professionals you already know
  • Take it on the chin but keep your head up
  • Follow up!

Check out this website: http://www.jobtrouveur.com/stage-8-conseils-pour-devenir-le-zorro-de-candidature-spontanee/

2. Placement search sites for Algeria:

3. Other tools that can support your application:

  • Alumni associations (AD-ENP at Polytechnique)
  • Foundations
  • Student clubs (CAP activities club at Polytechnique and ENNOUR section of the national association Al Maarifa).

4. Applications submitted via an intermediary (professor, relative, etc.) + 3 pieces of advice on how to go about doing this

  • Presentable (appropriate attire)
  • On time
  • Motivated and attentive to the person receiving you

5. Other search sites

Algeria Algeria

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