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Algeria : Where do you find a placement?

All right, you’ve made your decision: you want to do a work placement to complete your theoretical knowledge and learn new business and interpersonal skill sets. The question that arises now is, where can you find the right placement for you? Which company should you target and which doors should you knock on? Below you will find advice and helpful links to assist you in your search.

  • At your institution: You can reach out to your university’s placement directors or use its database if it has one. Otherwise, just do some research with your professors and former students.
  • Within your personal environment: Today, thanks to the development of IT tools, you can access different websites that can help you find companies that may be able to help you along your path.
  • Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI):
  • KOMPASS and databases of companies:
  • Directories of Algerian companies:
  • Helpful links when looking for a placement:
  • For placements abroad, you can contact the various cultural centres and embassies who can guide you along your search.
  • Some links to embassies and cultural centres:


  • You can also check out a number of websites:
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