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Conseils spécifiques à l'Allemagne

  • The CV is the core document of your application. Sometimes it will be the only document that the HR officer reads.
  • In case of applying for an internship one page of CV should be enough. Not more than two pages! Focus on the facts and skills relevant for the posts offered.
  • Avoid of gaps in your CV. HR officers will always find that suspicious. At best, they will ask in an interview afterwards; at worst, they will lay a fragmented CV just to the side.
  • Today, a CV has always to be written in table form. Beware of older guides! Less than 15 years ago it was common to write fully formulated CVs in Germany. 
  • A CV should always include:
    • Headline: name of the candidate and/or the word "CV"
    • Photo (see below)
    • Personal data (name, address, telephone, email address, birth date and place of birth)
    • Education (schools starting with secondary school, universities, other trainings)
    • Work experience (former internships and jobs)
    • Skills (computer skills, languages)
    • Hobbies / Engagement
    • A list of own publications (if applicable)
    • Awards (if applicable)
    • Place, date, signature
  • Even though it is controversial discussed (and not even completely legal in Germany since 14/08/2006!), most HR officers in Germany still expect an informative application photo. If they expect one, send them one. But never send a bad-quality, or too private snapshot. Experts agree that the success of an application in Germany is so dependent on the quality of the photo as nowhere else. Ask a professional photographer to take a picture that is both formal and individual. The web is full of bad and good practice examples:
  • Hold you back with private information. Mention hobbies only, if they are relevant for assessing your personality or for the targeted placement. To name “shopping” or “partying” as hobbies is a knock-out criterion (unless you apply at a respective company).
  • Download examples and templates for CVs here:
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